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Jewellery in Summertime.

Summer is well and truly here!

In the season of high noons and magical sunsets, what you wear can come second to where you’re wearing it—ideally a far-flung destination or local backyard filled with friends. Nothing looks more fabulous than an amazing bracelet or necklace set against a summer tan. Or dangling earrings popping from under a sunhat of someone pale and interesting. Unfortunately, summer weather can also be a little harsh on your jewellery. Here are some tips to keep your pieces and you looking fabulous this summer.


Jewelry Care in Summer

Summer can be a hard time for your jewelry. Suntan lotions, sunscreen, chlorine and salt water are not your rings best friends! Creams and lotions can easily get into the tiny nooks and crannies of your jewelry sapping the luster of even the best diamonds. Chlorine and salt water can erode glues that are sometimes used in jewelry settings. A very good habit to get into during summer is to rinse your jewelry often to remove all the summer extras that can cause your pieces harm.


Keep it safe!

We all love to take our summer holiday! However, for some thieves, the summer season means extra income from unsuspecting tourists. I think we all know of someone who has come home with a story of this nature. If you are traveling you may want to consider getting some less-expensive fashion pieces. If you’re in for a day of tourist attractions and sightseeing, leaving your pricier pieces in the hotel room safe can keep them from getting lost or stolen while you’re out and about. Save them for when you are getting dressed to impress and you’ll have one less thing to worry about while away! This way you can travel and relax without worrying about your jewelry and hopefully only come home with positive stories.



Summer is all about low necklines and wonderfully alluring clothing. The hot weather leaves us with a lot of skin to accessorise with. Adding a bracelet or a new long necklace can enliven your personal style. Gold jewellery perfectly complements your summer tan and looks especially beautiful as it glitters in the sunlight. Delicate pieces are easy to wear in the warm weather and look great when they're layered. We also love statement pieces to really amp up the glamour this season. Silver jewellery is a striking contrast to the warm tones of the season.The perfect finishing touch to all those special occasions that fill up our summer diaries.

Relaxed summer clothes make it easier to explore with some fun jewelry pieces you normally might not consider. Embrace the season and indulge yourself in something new, fun and different for summer!