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Parkcrest, Curraghduff, New Ross, Co. Wexford



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Handcrafted, modern, gold and silver jewellery made in Ireland and available online. Irish made and made for women who love design.

The Process

Carefully considered and detail driven,our contemporary collections have just the right amount of fun. We want you to feel fabulous in our jewellery. This isn't about fast fashion, it's about pieces to truly treasure. Our pieces are designed and made with love, and we think that shows.

Every collection produced by INNER ISLAND has gone through many stages. Jeweller Gemma O Leary likes to find inspiration from a particular point of reference. Below are a few examples. 

Then comes the doodling stage. There is lots of notebooks scattered around with drawings of ideas . Gemma carries at least one notebook at all times. 

This is followed by the trail and error stage. Lots of prototypes get made that never make it to the shop floor. Despite the upswing that INNER ISLAND is experiencing all pieces are still handcrafted by Gemma O Leary in her studio in Dublin. This is initially the most frustrating part of the process but once the design is complete the feeling of joy makes it worthwhile. 

Once the final design is finished its time to show the world .